Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the street is where the heart is:)

Despite what you think the biggest trends that make their mark on the runway come from the street... Now i know your probably wondering, that cant't be right, because the runway inspires right? Well your not completely wrong but allow me to enlighten you.

The runway inspires yes but it is inspired... not technically  by the great minds of insanely talented designers but by the silent obscure few randoms who dare to wear something different way before it could ever be accepted or understood.

Have you ever noticed sumone in the street wearing something totally totally different?  Well its those few people who are spotted by trend forecasters and from there those street pics are taken to designers who add their flare and runway finishes.

You inspire Fashion :) and if you are worried about how people will look at you like you've completely lost the plot... dont. The eye, in all fashion collections, takes time to adjust to what it sees, and once the adjustment begins well then the acceptance an love follows:)


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