Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2011 trends stuck on my brain..eeeek :)

Yellow has a way of either making you go gaaaagaaa (an i mean drool) over it or making you feel an itsy bitsy sick.... 2011 is yellows year of gaaagaaa... pair it with sailor stripes or black to keep you looking trend smart:)

We have had a wintery season filled with studs and heavy jewelled embelishments... in 2011 think simple, clean and subtle as Calvin Kleins, Francisco Costa's  2011 collection has inpired a season trend of serenity.

I know what your thinking... "DENIM ON DENIM"??? In all honesty yes denim on denim is back with a Bang:) seperate the uniformity with brown leather pieces. Be glad its back, it looks fantastic!!

This is lovely, MEN keep your skinnies on and leave the sneakers at home please and if its not an option add other shoes similar to these to your collection, it cant hurt to try something new... much appreciated thank you :)

Chuck Bass isn't the only person who should be wearing bows!! Ladies oversize your bows though if you're gonna give the look a go.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY:) do the happy dance with me!! the jumpsuit stays! combat boots are insanely on trend right now, getting yourself a pair will increase your 2011 trend range.

The high waisted look that i looove love looove, hasnt gone anywhere, if you're looking to do something different with it try make it a military look rather than a dainty kinda vibe :)


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