Wednesday, October 20, 2010


21st Century Photography is dominated by digital operation but the older film  methods continue to serve
many users and applications, and thats because even though the price and post production are covenient thousands of pics are taken digitally and photographers now slave behind computers selecting the most amazing pics instead of standing in a dark room and watching photos come to life... i guess you could say im a tad bit old fashioned but the beauty is in the work not in the simple click of a computer mouse...

Here is some Photography terminology to get you started, or to help you pretend you know a little more than most people:)

_ composition is the plan, placement or arrangement of the elements of art in the photo, the general goal is to select and place appropriate elements within the work in order to communicate ideas and feelings with the viewer "foreground" and "background"

_Exposure refers to the total amount of light allowed to fall on the film while taking the picture, its measured in Exposure Value or e.v. with the higher values denoting more light.

_Shutter Speed is basically how long the shutter stays open for, the longer it stays open the more exposed the film is thus the sensor becomes light.

_ Photo pigments are interestingly enough found on majority of cellphones these days, like sephia and black and white or negative...

Yup now you know a little more:)

In my opinion the most amazing fashion photographers (in no particular order) consist of the famous : Patrick Demarchelier

, Steven Meisel

, Mario Testino

and the one and only Terry Richardson.

 Check them out :)


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