Monday, February 28, 2011


i've been having this urge to tie bows around my neck and walk around looking almost like a boy trend lover than anything else but here's what it is....

my vintage accessory:) while feminine and masculine silhouttes began to overlap it was fairly natural that accessories followed ofcoarse. The bow tie takes a simple shirt to the world of the Trend Love Affairs.

Don't stick to the classic black boW tie, try bow ties that have print, colour, varying sizes and interesting fabrics to them. Im not sure how i feel about bow ties on naked necks ( we dont all want to look like Playboy bunnies), so if i were wearing a vest lets say id let it hang long around and down the neck (almost like a scarf).

they are fun and cute, they can add to your vintage vibe, your chic vibe, or your trend heavy looks.:) have a go and see for youreself how many nods you get... its a full proof trend:) *thumbs up*

PuT sOmEtHiNg SiCk In YoUr ShOeS

Socks could be your best friend this winter!!

See them as accessories for your high tops, your pumps, your brogues, your stockings, your platforms, your wedges and whatever other wacky things you put on your feet...

its a trend thats definately been seen before but only making it onto S.A streets in a lager than "fad lover" way. slowly its moving down from trend setters to trend followers, prints are endless, lengths vary from ankle highs to thigh highs. Your socks want to be seen, just make sure they match, looking like a clown isnt part of the trend ;-)

Add full-on color to birdcage sandals

Shoes-2.jpg Tommy Ton for - SS2011 Womenswear RTW - Backpacks & Shoes 5

Smells of old leather and New underwear

the title might seem weird but lets be wacky about this trend
Its my new obsession...

As vintage looks trickle down from the street trend setters to trend lovers cupboards one can definately say you have the perfect excuse to shop in second hand stores even charity stores, add moder touches to vintage looks this will allow you to look trendy while fashionably OUTDATED... the upside: save youre money people haha you'll find the best and most vintage things at unbelievable prices... the downside.... well that money you save you might wanna invest in dry cleaning, old is cool but OLD IS COOLER CLEANER!

from loosely fitted high waisted pants to worn out denim high waisted shorts, from bowties to clean collars, brogues to socks, weird stockings to thin leather belts, ray-ban blockers to aviator DSquared2 2011 s/s collection inspired nerd glasses (which i have on my face yaay me),from high tops to velvet platform pumps, red lips to minimal eyes, oddly combined fabric textures to contrasting prints... the list is endless... here are some looks for both the female and men readers....

diiig it:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lisp 2011/autumn/winter collection Joburg Fashion Week

Rock n Roll glamour is what Lisp is about. The trendy designs, embelishments, fur accents, leather detailing, mixed fabric exploration and colour contrastings of darks and pastels made this collection looked effortlessly perfect for the girl with the band look who infact washed her hair in the basin and let it air dry before she got dresses and yet she still loooks like the girl that every girl wants to be with.

Trend wise it certainly captured the exploration the youth are phasing into on their fun nights of letting loose and just living inspired by the late 1960's to 1970's.

This winter, if Lisp is anything to go by, is going to turn a few heads, drop jaws, some will disagree and others will love. If your more than daring, join the few that will sport Lisp's collection as soon as it hits stores. im expecting many numbers;)


Avant Joburg Fashion Week 2011


Blacks, pastels, high waisted pieces, oversized zip detailed jackets, stokings, exaggerated shoulders, low cut jumpsuits and fringing fringing fringing screamed trend focused collection.

 Avant captured the youth throughout this collection but maintained a class with a few floor length maxi dresses with modern accents.

Majority of this collection would, without a doubt, gladly be ionvited to stay in the wlak in closests of many fashion  lovers. As a South African based label one can definately say, international shopping trips can be put on hold as soon as Avant's collection makes its way to stores.

It was mind blowing and really did create sweaty palms for shop-a-holics.
i heart Avant!