Thursday, February 17, 2011

Africa Fashion International: Kluk CGDT 2011 autumn/winter collection

The Randclub saw for the intimate viewing of Kluk's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. The best way for me to describe this collection as whole (and its hard) is a Journey Through Cultural Oppulance. The first garment saw an asian inspired kimono made from rich silks and rich colours. The music carried the audience through the culture transitions, at times allowing for the garments to be felt romantically, other times breath taking, and other times femininely powerful. Colour was really explored through this collection, one saw the elegent red, the classic blacks, the beautiful whites, the daring golds, and accents of purple ribbons, pink- blushed flowers, persian inspired detailing. The print, when it occured was oriental and animal inspired. The fabric choices ranged from silks, to shiffons, to fur. Accessories included flowered head gear, classicly modern shoes, handbags that matched clothing fabrics and print, curtain inspired tassils that saw for an interesting move away from necklaces, embroidery, Arabic feels of head scarves and drapery. Geisha umbrellas along with modernly archtectural wedding gown made for a fusion of culture fashions. Finishes on each and every garment were perfectly tailored!

Kluk's collection stole many hearts, broke a few, and left others with a new beat. Amazing!!!

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