Monday, February 28, 2011

PuT sOmEtHiNg SiCk In YoUr ShOeS

Socks could be your best friend this winter!!

See them as accessories for your high tops, your pumps, your brogues, your stockings, your platforms, your wedges and whatever other wacky things you put on your feet...

its a trend thats definately been seen before but only making it onto S.A streets in a lager than "fad lover" way. slowly its moving down from trend setters to trend followers, prints are endless, lengths vary from ankle highs to thigh highs. Your socks want to be seen, just make sure they match, looking like a clown isnt part of the trend ;-)

Add full-on color to birdcage sandals

Shoes-2.jpg Tommy Ton for - SS2011 Womenswear RTW - Backpacks & Shoes 5

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