Monday, February 28, 2011

Smells of old leather and New underwear

the title might seem weird but lets be wacky about this trend
Its my new obsession...

As vintage looks trickle down from the street trend setters to trend lovers cupboards one can definately say you have the perfect excuse to shop in second hand stores even charity stores, add moder touches to vintage looks this will allow you to look trendy while fashionably OUTDATED... the upside: save youre money people haha you'll find the best and most vintage things at unbelievable prices... the downside.... well that money you save you might wanna invest in dry cleaning, old is cool but OLD IS COOLER CLEANER!

from loosely fitted high waisted pants to worn out denim high waisted shorts, from bowties to clean collars, brogues to socks, weird stockings to thin leather belts, ray-ban blockers to aviator DSquared2 2011 s/s collection inspired nerd glasses (which i have on my face yaay me),from high tops to velvet platform pumps, red lips to minimal eyes, oddly combined fabric textures to contrasting prints... the list is endless... here are some looks for both the female and men readers....

diiig it:)

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