Thursday, February 17, 2011

Africa Fashion International: Errol Arendz 2011 autumn/winter collection for Joburg Fashion Week

Smoke, intimidating music beats and dim lights had the audience anticipating Errol's collection, oh yes we waited with baited breath and eager eyes and then it all began. Errol Arendz collection saw a mixture of fabrics such as furs, velvets, feathers and knits, printing which included animal prints aswell as photographic prints. One could argue the range of his colour selection, as it went from greys, blacks and blues, to combinations of bright red, yellows enfused with washed out greys, think Ginger Mary, dark stockings were added making winter mysteriously sexy. The accessories from this collection, however were my favourite part (im still debating whether or not i enjoyed the show). The shoes were original and sheek which were coherent with leather gloves, dark blockers, and red lips- making the collection feel as though it was created for the working woman... Here is the best thing though, working woman play as well, and Errol's encorporation of flirty looks, with added sass (fur jackets) made the non-working woman feel catered to.

The show stopper at the end was a dark bride, dressed in black, slim fiited top half with asymetrical sleeve detailing and a volumed lower 'skirt' which had textured detailing that didnt touch the floor, this ladies and gentlemen is when camera flashes went off. It was a confusing show, and only a few pieces were good.


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