Friday, October 29, 2010

"id rather go naked than wear fur"

Many people ask... "How much is that fur coat" the answer should be the number of deaths rather than Rands or Dollars or Pounds or every single other currency in the world.

45 million animals including chinchillas, foxes, rabbits, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, lynx, raccoons, and wolves and minks, are killed in fur farms each year!! These animals are raised in cages in order for them to be slaughtered for your beautiful fur coats, and while they grow in these cages  they suffer from numerous behavioral and physical abnormalities. The methods used in these farms to kill the animals range from gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution!!

The cruelty these animals endure is ridiculous when considered, really in all honesty how horrid can humans be to not care at all about this:

And for the humans that don’t care and wear fur coats with an air of arrogance, ask yourself this, if animals had the power to do what we do to them would I really be wearing this stupid coat??

It wouldn’t be a pretty picture hey??

The way in which animals are killed for fur is beyond cruel! And sure I get it fur, to some fashionistas is appealing, great! Well wouldn’t you think if we can create skyscrapers, fast cars, laptops the size of our palms etcetera etcetera, why the hell cant you create synthetic fake fur that seems so real people wouldn’t believe you, but the slaughter houses would!... As numbers decrease in killings due to a lack of demand….




I’m saying is that we can stop this, even if its one human at a time. Say no to fur. And save an animal!

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  1. For this same reason I refuse to eat meat from CAFO's, eat eggs from battery farms chickens, drink milk from factory farm. I only consume meat/eggs/dairy that come from cows/pigs/chickens that were raised on a farm in the fields where they live a normal happy animal life.