Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2011 Summer Colour trend report

2011 sees the introduction to a few forgotten colours and keeps the love a few colours one can't bare to live without....

Bold Orange is one of summers sweetes colours to be wearing:

On the Ramp:::::

On the Street::::::

hahaha IF YOU MUST::::

White will compliment the minimalistic architectural trend element of your ensmables:

On the Ramp:::::

On the Street::::::::::

Navy came and stayed, see it as a chic alternative for black:::::

On the Ramp:::::::::::

On the Street:::::::

Stone, keep it classy and pretty:)

On the Ramp::::::::::::::

On the Street::::::::::::::::

Warm Lemon looks lovely on all skin types... be bold enough to give it a go :)

On the Ramp::::::
LGFW SS2011 Pink Tartan-9481

On the Street:::::::::::

Buenos Aires fashion trends

Jewel tones will make you look preppy but perfectly summery:)
On The Ramp:::::::::

Jewel TonesJewel Tones

On the Street::::::::::::::

i mean if she can rock it why the hell cant you :)



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